Park Bogum is Korea’s favorite drama actor of 2016; Song Joong ki at #2 and Jun Jihyun is at #8

sojuoppa December 20, 2016 Views 1642
2016 has been a great year especially for Park Bogum and Song Joongki with the so-called “Song Joongki Syndrome”, “Park Bogum Syndrome” and “Bogum Magic” being widely used to describe how huge of an impact they made in the industry. It isn’t only felt in Korea but is also making its presence known across the globe and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

 Check out the top 10 list released bu Gallup

1. Park Bo gum35.2%
2. Song Joong ki28.1%
3. Song Hye kyo12.6%
4. Kim Yoo jung8.2%
5. Jo Jung suk 4.6%
6. Ra Miran 3.4%
7. Gong Hyo jin3.2%
8. Go Du shim 3.0%
9. Jun Ji hyun 2.9%
10. Kim Hui ae 2.6%


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