Few Things Rookie Drama Lovers Should Know!

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ㄴ Here’s is a list of 20 Things Newbie should know! ㄱ

ㄴ 20 ㄱ

Words / Phrases That Are Heard A lot:

• There is Confession like/love in almost every drama!

• Feeling Burdened / Tired: This happens when someone else’s feeling or the need to impose upon another person, The most common phrase is, Do you want to die? Wheb this is said when someone is usually becoming annoyed or is challenging another person that can be their ‘ nemesis ‘.

• One-sided love-a crush, unrequited love (which is burdensome to the other party).

• Exclamations Are another thing in dramas such as, Aish! (When someone is annoyed ) Aigoo! (When someone is annoyed, or is trying to act cute ), and just saying weird things to your friends, such as Aja! Or Fighting!

ㄴ 19 ㄱ

Get ready to have an unhealthy obsession of ramen, rice, soju.

ㄴ 18 ㄱ

Family is a big deal!

ㄴ 17 ㄱ

Money / Physical Beauty are huge deals in Korea!

ㄴ 16 ㄱ

In almost any drama at least someone is dead, parental absence, or is an orphan.

ㄴ 15 ㄱ

There will usually be 2 female leads ( 1 secondary ) and 2 male leads ( 1 aswell is secondary ). You’ll usually get SLS ( Second Lead Syndrome ) with the male and ship him with the female lead, while conspiring to kill the 2nd female lead.

ㄴ 14 ㄱ

STRICT Age and Patriarchal are very respected in Korea! It might get a little confusing at first with names, but itll get better! Here are the first words you will learn to translate will most likely be these:

• Sunbae, Noona, Unni, Oppa, Hyung, Ama, Appa, Harabeoji, Halimeoni.

ㄴ 13 ㄱ

Here’s a tip! Dont try to translate anything right now! Wait a little bit, and just go with the flow!

ㄴ 12 ㄱ

PDA Is a no, no! Most kissing is very awkward due to the regulations of Korean TV regulations! So don’t get all disappointed if they kissing is a little on the awkward side… you’ll get used to it, and it’ll become a beautiful art form!!! Heh.

ㄴ 11 ㄱ

Korean TV often makes the male characters have a more sexual moment than the males, such as a shower scene. The women are more conservative – upper body that is. Lower body on the other hand, your gonna get some LEG, and Jesus I’m pretty sure they do heavy lower body work outs…

ㄴ 10 ㄱ

Don’t try to understand any of your monthly, or yearly sub costs…

ㄴ 9 ㄱ

Don’t try to understand any medical thing or illness.

ㄴ 8 ㄱ

Korea really does have a lot of Plastic Surgery happen! Many actors and actresses use them, but hey if they think it makes them look prettier have at it!

ㄴ 7 ㄱ

Most shows give a shout out to certain industry! Even themselves take the drama Producers for example! ( IMO for newer viewers it’s a good show to watch! )

ㄴ 6 ㄱ

There is usually at least one idol of some sort in a drama whether they get a role, or are in a cameo!

ㄴ 5 ㄱ

Long Separation of Leads / Time Jumps are real! It’s like actually apart of the Korean culture!

ㄴ 4 ㄱ

There is very little diversity Korean dramas, but that is changing through out the years!

ㄴ 3 ㄱ

Most Korean TV shows are called Dramas. One season can range from 13- 30 episodes, usually 16-24. Although some will range to 50!

ㄴ 2 ㄱ

Labels are/can be deceiving don’t trust many promos!

ㄴ 1 ㄱ

Main Type of Dramas!

• Rom Com / Romance

• Melodrama

• Makjang ( The True Soap Opera )

• Saeguk ( Historical )

• Fusion Saeguk! ( Historical x Fantasy / Modern Day Utilities )

• Medical

• Action

• Thriller

• Misaeng ( Workplace Drama )

• Web Drama

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