Sweet K2 Moments

sojuoppa November 21, 2016 Views 18209
  • The ramen scene. I don’t have to explain it, right?

● DingDong Fighting Scene. Every fight scene in this drama is awesome but I’ll only mention this one ’cause it was really funny. Everybody naked and tripping on the wet floor xD Ding

● Je Ha trying to save Anna. I wasn’t expecting such strong feelings, he was seriously worried..

● ‘Ding’.

● Drunk Anna. Yoona is really cute so almost every scene with her in it is cute.

● The leads first kiss. It was soooo sweet, I loved it.

● “That’s for ugly people like them” lol

The guards using facial masks.

● Jang Se Joon trying to help Anna and, well, dying with Yoo Jin.

He finally made things right! It was sad but at least they were finally in good terms…

● Lee Kwang Soo and President Choi’s deaths. I’m not a creepy person, you gotta admit the deaths are a big part of what makes this episode awesome.

● The last scene ♡ Who wouldn’t want to be like this with Ji Chang Wook?


• When K2 proposed to Naniya. Ow fluffy little thing.

• K2 Encouraging Anna…

• Anna undressing K2 to see his injures in the back. He’s not ready lol.

• “What? I look uncool?” His face of concern!

• “You always do whatever you please!” I loved this scene. Je Ha being an angry cutie… and those kisses *.*


Who else is gonna miss that cute couple? T.T Yoona and Ji Chang Wook have so much chemistry on and off screen and they look sooo good together (a visual couple), they should be a thing.

I mean, look at them!

The K2 is an action drama (not my usual type) but it also has comedy and romance, a bit of everything, so I really enjoyed it and I recommend it a lot! It’s definitely one of my favorites of the year.

Hope you liked my post! ^_^