Most Common Plots In Korea Dramas

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  •   :money_with_wings:Rich Male  VS Poor Female :money_with_wings:

I think this is the most utilized k-drama plot and am so fu**ing tired of it. In most cases the lead male is a JERK and at the same time rich  and the lead young lady is a poor  ANGEL and straight forward individual but there few cases where the male lead is the angel and the female lead being the jerk. Another thing that occur in this kind of plot is an underhanded and wicked mother or a father. In some cases it’s a grandparent.

Example Of Dramas with this plot are :

€ –  Cinderella and 4 Knights

€ –  Heirs

€ –  Oh My Venus

€ –  Shopping King Louie

€ –  Boys before Flower

€ –  Brilliant Legacy

€ –  Flower boy Ramyun shop


  • :watch:Time Travel:watch:

In this plot its either the female or male lead time travel from his or her own present world to another world and they fall in love and blah blah blah blah .

Examples Of Time Travel Drama are :

Moon Lover : Scarlet Reo

Dr Jin

Rooftop Prince

Splash love

Queens Man


  • Supernatural

Most of the dramas with this plot are usually very lighthearted and simple. Sometimes they are a little complex

Examples of Drama with plot:

Gu Family Book

My girlfriend is a gumiho

Oh My Ghostess


High love on


  • Gender Benders

In this type of plot  girls are the ones who dress like boys but rarely boys dress up as girls too.

Examples of gender benders are,

Sungkyunkwan Scandel

Empress ki

You’re Beautiful

To the beautiful you

Coffe prince

Moonlight drawn by clouds

Ma boy (boy dressing up as a girl)


  • Contract Marriage

In most of the dramas with this plot  the male lead is already in love with someone and the female lead becomes lonely and sad. Usually this plot is a comedy drama.

Some dramas with this plot are,

Full house


Marriage Contract

King 2 Hearts

1% of something (am currently following this one)



I so much love this kind of plot infact I watch any Kdrama that is based on this kind of plot irrespective of the leads. These kind of dramas talk about how people face problems, not only health but also financial problems. These dramas also shows how fortunate we are to be healthy. Also they show how hard doctors work to protect patients.

Example of medical dramas:


Doctor Stranger

Beautiful mind

Good doctor

Romantic doctor kim


Most Common Plots In Korea Dramas  – CC:Amino

Do you think there are more plots that are commonly used in K-Dramas, do you have any most loved plot or do you have anything you want to add to the list let everybody know in the comment box.

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